Brazil waving flag videos free download in full HD

Brazil waving flag videos free download in full HD

Brazil waving flag videos free Download

Download the unique collection of Brazil's waving flag videos in full-HD and these Brazil's flag video backgrounds are available to download for free. We hope you enjoy our collection of full HD Brazil waving flag videos.

Some facts about Brazil's National Flag and Download links of Full HD Brazil waving flag videos 


Brazil's current flag was formally approved on November 19, 1889. The design was inspired by the Brazilian Empire's flag (1822-1889)

Brazil's National Flag has a green field with large yellow diamonds (rhombuses) and in the middle there is a blue celestial globe with 27 white five-pointed star constellations.

A white equatorial band is displayed on the globe with the National Motto: "Order and Progress" in green letters. The flag's green colour represents the flora and fauna, including the Pantanal, the jungle located along the Atlantic Ocean and Amazon rainforest. The Brazil's rich soil, including its vast gold reserves, is symbolised by the yellow diamond (rhombus).

The sky above Rio de Janeiro, on the morning of 15th November 1889, has been depicted by the blue circle and stars. This was the day when the Republic of Brazil was established. The Southern Cross contains the stars of the nation's flag. It is a symbol constellation that belongs to the southern hemisphere, as well as a few constellations surrounding it. Spica, which is part of the territory of the nation located in the State in Para's northern hemisphere, is the only star above the white border. The Federal District's stability within the nation's Union is symbolised by the 27 white five-pointed star symbols. The flag's height-width ratio is 10:7.

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