American (USA) waving flag video download for free in one click

American (USA) waving flag video download for free in one click

American waving flag full HD videos Download। USA waving flag videos 

Download the unique collection of American waving flag videos or USA waving flag videos in full-HD and these American (USA) flag video backgrounds are available to download for free. We hope you enjoy our collection of full HD American waving flag video backgrounds.

Some facts about USA Flag and Download links of Full HD American flag videos 


When the United States flag was first accepted as the national flag by Congress in 1777, the flag was not adorned with the iconic thirteen stripes and fifty stars it has today. 

Even though it was red, white, and blue, the original flag was adorned with thirteen stripes and stars that represented the thirteen original colonies in the United States. Since the time of the United States' independence, the flag of the country has been modified twenty-seven times. 

Each time a new state (or states) joined the Union, a new star was required to be added to the left-hand part of the flag. The current design of the flag became officially recognised in the year 1960, when Hawaii was declared the state of Hawaii.  

United States flag is therefore not just a American symbol, but also represents the country's territory and its people. It is a unified symbol that unites Americans from east to west, and north to south. Every state has an embroidered star on the blue background, which symbolises determination, perseverance and justice. The red stripes are a symbol of bravery, while the white stripes symbolise the purity of innocence. 

Although the design of the US flag was changed as states were added and removed but the colour scheme of three colors, white, red, and blue, remained the same. These colours symbolise the characteristics that define the American people through time, across the country.

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