Best Chrome Extensions | Download According To Categories

Best Chrome Extensions | Download According To Categories

Best Chrome extensions by category

Chrome extensions enhance the Chrome browser's usability. It adds more functionality to the Chrome browser. Extra features are created using web technology such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
Google Chrome is the most used browser due to its speed, security, and ease of use. It is the most used browser worldwide, with over 2 billion users.

Google Chrome's integration with other Google services is one of its best features. Extensions can be used to improve the functionality of your browser. These scripts are very simple and can be installed on your browser to accomplish many tasks. Google has many extensions.

Third parties around the world create most extensions for a variety of reasons. They enhance your web browsing experience and add functionality to your browser.
Although extensions have been around since Google Chrome's initial publication in 2006, they have recently become more popular. Browser extensions allow you to do much more than visit websites.

Use Addon features with Google Chrome

Chrome Web Store is an in-browser store for Chrome apps. The apps are called extensions because they improve the functionality of the Chrome browser.

Best Chrome Extensions After reviewing Thousands of Extensions

Top 10 Productivity Extensions:

1. Checker Plus 

Checker Plus for Gmail allows you to read, and delete email via notifications. You can do all this without having to open your email. This extension allows us to manage multiple accounts.

2. LastPass

LastPass Chrome extension is  available as a browser extension. It acts as a password management tool. LastPass securely stores your login details from previously visited websites.

3. Browsec VPN

"BrowsecVPN" protects users' IP addresses from online threats. Users can browse the internet anonymously. It protects your privacy online and allows you to unblock any website.

4. MyJDownloader 

JDownloader is a free download manager tool that makes it simple, fast, and automated to download files. This extension lets you download photo albums and playlists in one click. It also allows you to see the status of your downloaded files quickly.

5.Google Meet Push To Talk Extension 

Google meet push-to-talk is an extension that lets you mute or unmute your microphone on google meet. This Chrome extension allows you to toggle between mute and unmute using your space key.

6. Dark Reader

Dark Reader Chrome extension lets you change the normal mode of your favorite websites to make into dark mode. This extension protects your eyes from late-night internet surfing.

7. FireShot

Fireshot Chrome extension lets you capture screenshots very easily. You can capture screenshots of the entire page, selected areas, or visible parts.

8. Mail Track chrome Extension 

The Mailtrack Chrome extension allows you to track unlimited Gmail addresses. You also can see how many times your email was opened. You will also get real time notification when some one opens your Email.

9. Language Reactor

Language Reactor Chrome extension lets you learn languages through YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming sites. It provides suggestions on how to use words correctly.

10. Kami

Kami Chrome Extension lets you transform boring documents into something more attractive by allowing annotations, drawing and comments. It empowers and transforms teaching methods.

If you want to download other Chrome extensions, then you can visit to install extensions from different categories. 

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