Love couple wallpaper images - one click easy download

Love couple wallpaper images - one click easy download

High quality love couple wallpaper images (pictures। photos) । Images of love couple in HD

Here is the best collection of love couple wallpaper images. All the images are in high resolution. If you want to use these love couple images as whatsapp dp, then you can resize all these images to 500*500 pixels using any of the free tools available online.

Ever wondered what makes a relationship meaningful, genuine, lasting forever?  
Ever wondered what is true love?
Love is more than the often used three words, "I LOVE YOU!"
Love is more than those sentiments and touching feelings. Love is a verb, not a noun. It is full of action.
Imagine a guy saying to a girl "I love you," and she says "can you give me a lift to go to college?
The boy responds, "No, but I really love you." She adds, "but can you actually drop me to college?" He responds, "But I actually love you from the bottom of my heart."Those three words, "I LOVE YOU," in any relationship, only have as much depth and meaning as the attitude to serve the beloved. Love is less about romance, more about respect. Because romantic feelings are always in flux. They are there today and not tomorrow.
Today, you are in a great mood and you have those romantic feelings. 
Tomorrow you're not feeling great, you don't have these romantic feelings. The initial charm of every relationship decreases over time. However, respect for one another's individuality doesn't diminish as time passes.
Feelings go down with time, respect doesn't. That is why respect becomes the foundation of true love, not romance. Love is less about my rights and more about my responsibilities for your welfare. It means striving for the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of the person whom we truly love. 
Love is not about knowing the person, it is about caring for the person. Didn't someone say I don't care how much you know until I actually know how much you care. A caring heart always walks more than the extra mile to offer service to the beloved. Love is a wonderful combination of caring and daring. 
Daring to acknowledge the person in totality regardless of their shortcomings and flaws, daring to practice the virtue of forgiveness and the ability be able to forgive mistakes and errors, both big and small, in the relationship.
Yes, it's like a beautiful, colorful, fragrant rose, those emotional feelings, but it is also like accepting  the thorn that comes along with the rose, those weaknesses, those short comings, those faults.

Yes, love is about complete acceptance. Love is a bundle deal like a rose, gorgeous in both its fragrance and colour, but also having the thorn.
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