Why my debit card is not eligible for EMI?

Why my debit card is not eligible for EMI?

Why my debit card is not eligible for EMI

How to check debit card EMI eligibility for different banks? 

Why is my debit card not eligible for EMI on Amazon/Flipkart? How to enable or activate EMI on a debit card? What is no cost EMI on debit card? 



If you have all these questions in your mind, here are the answers.

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The two most important criteria for being eligible for Debit Card EMI

Credit history

Your credit history should be good. Credit history means your CIBIL score.

The debit card EMI facility is provided by the bank and if a customer is unable to pay the EMI, then it is the bank's loss. Therefore, the bank provides the facility of EMI on the debit card only after checking your CIBIL score.

If your CIBIL score is above 700, then your chances of getting an EMI facility on a debit card are very high.

Purchase history

The second important thing. If you are eligible for Debit Card EMI from the bank side, but if you are not eligible for the platform from which you want to purchase your product, then you will not be able to use the debit card EMI payment option. This happens because of your poor purchase history.

Let's try to understand by an example.

You want to purchase a product from Amazon or Flipkart on debit card EMI, but if you have returned or canceled more than half of the products purchased from these platforms, then it will be difficult to get the debit card EMI option.

So you also have to keep the purchase history very good along with the credit history or CIBIL score.

If you fulfill both these conditions, then you will most probably be eligible for the debit card EMI facility.

If you meet the above two conditions and still are not getting the debit card EMI payment option, then please check some other points given below.

1) To check the eligibility for debit card EMI, you generally send an SMS. 

This SMS must be sent from the mobile number which is linked to your bank account. If you send the SMS from another number, then most probably you will get a "Not eligible for debit card EMI" message from your bank.

After sending the message, if you receive a confirmation message that you are eligible for the debit card EMI, then the number from which you sent the SMS must be linked to your Amazon, Flipkart, or any other E-Commerce platform.

In other words, your registered number with the bank and the number linked to the E-Commerce commerce platform must be the same. 

2) Let's assume you have a Union Bank of India Debit Card with a pre-approved EMI facility, but if the Union Bank of India debit card EMI option is not available for that particular platform from which you want to purchase the product, you will be unable to purchase the product through Debit Card EMI even after being eligible for the debit card EMI option.


To check EMI eligibility on a debit card, you need to send an SMS from the phone number registered with your bank. Before sending the message, your SIM card should have a balance of at least 4 to 5 rupees because the main balance is not included in the normal recharge pack of the phone, so if you send it without the main balance, it will fail.


MYHDFC to 5676712


DCEMI {space} last 4 digits of your debit card to 5676766

Axis Bank

DCEMI  {space} last 4 digits of your debit card to 5676782

SBI Bank

DCEMI to 567676

Federal Bank

DC{space}EMI to 8546995577

Kotak Mahindra Bank

DCEMI {space} last 4 digits of your debit card to 5676788

Bank of Baroda

DCEMI {space} last 4 digit of your debit card to 8422009988

The difference between debit card EMI and credit card EMI 

In Debit Card EMI, for example, if you purchase a product for 5000 rupees, the bank will deduct 5000 from your account and the deducted amount will be credited back into your bank account within 7 working days, and eventually the bank will convert the amount of 5000 into EMI as per the tenure selected by you. 

So, to avail the facility of debit card EMI, it is necessary to have a balance equal to the price of the product in your bank account.

If your debit card is pre-approved for an EMI facility, you may not need to maintain a balance in your bank account equal to the value of the product. To get more information, you can contact your bank's customer care.

On the other hand, after purchasing the product with a credit card, the amount is deducted and the amount is converted into EMI within 7 working days. In credit card EMI, you just have to make sure of one thing. The product value should not exceed the limit of your credit card.

What is the no-cost EMI on debit card?

Debit card EMI has made it easy to purchase high-end items from online platforms. On most platforms, the minimum order value should be equal to 5000 Rupees to avail debit card EMI. 

Normal Debit Card EMI includes processing fees, interest rate, and foreclosure charges, so if you have the option of both Normal Debit Card EMI and No Cost EMI, then you should go with No Cost EMI.

Many people get confused about No Cost EMI and, in fact, No Cost EMI is really a bit confusing. Let's try to understand in simple words.

In no cost EMI discount is given from the seller side, not from the bank side, so you will need to pay the interest to the bank.

But the interest you will pay to the bank will be given as a discount from the seller side on the actual cost price of that product.

So you might feel that I purchased the product on no cost EMI, then why am I paying interest to the bank?

This example given below will make things clearer.

Let's assume a customer purchased a smartphone worth Rs 20,000 (Actual cost price).

Now, if the interest rate is 10% for 3 months, the customer will pay two thousand rupees as interest to the bank.

But these 2000 rupees will be given as a discount when you add the product to your cart.

So you are paying only 18 thousand rupees, which is 2 thousand less than the actual cost of the smartphone.

On the other hand, you will pay a total of 22 thousand rupees to the bank, but the overall cost will be only 20 thousand because of the discount given by the seller's side.

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